People behind this contribution to the International Architecture Biennale in Venice 2016


Jes Vagnby

Owner Jes Vagnby Architects / DemokraCity



Malene Dyrmose

Communication and Project management

Jes Vagnby Architects / DemokraCity


Simone Foss Brink


Jes Vagnby Architects / DemokraCity


Hjalte Rudebæk

Architect maa

Jes Vagnby Architects / DemokraCity


Signe Brink Pedersen

Head of Curatorial Affairs

Roskilde Festival


Jes Vagnby Architects / DemokraCity

Jes Vagnby started his own studio in 1994. He works with festival development and the development of cities and urban areas based on actor involvement.


Jes Vagnby, was in charge of the physical and aesthetic development of Roskilde Festival from 1999 to 2009. The planning of this temporary city he based on a humanistic foundation. The main idea informing both the planning and execution of the city was ‘the meeting’: the meeting of people, of people and art, and the sense of community and inclusiveness that the festival and its structure engendered.



The real difference it has from a real city is that the festival city is temporary and planned on the basis of values that put people and social space at the heart of it all. A spirit of freedom and opportunity is present that allows the festival participants to share in and co-create the social function of the city, its main values, its physical structure and mental qualities".